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AR Rahman: Working For Rajinikanth’s Movies Was Hell

AR Rahman, the legendary music composer, creates music that connects with us emotionally in some way. We are less aware, however, of the difficulties he faced while writing these masterpieces. Rahman recently talked up about his time working on Rajinikanth's flicks, and he says it wasn't fun. 

The music for Rajinikanth's films Muthu, Sivaji: The Boss, Enthiran, and 2.0 was composed by Rahman. In an interview with one of the YouTube channels, he described working on Rajini's films as "hell" because of the tight deadlines and heavy workload. He claimed that the main issue was being under pressure. 

"Now things are looking up. I used to start working on Rajinikanth's films in March or April back then. And Diwali is when most of his films are released. I'll have to do the music and the BGM, plus the power at my place used to be a bit erratic. Two generators used to be stationed here. "It was an absolute nightmare." The composer stated that he would have to prioritise Rajinikanth films on a constant basis, which enraged the other filmmakers with whom he collaborated. 

Rahman went on to say that he used to work on multiple projects at the same time. "Because I used to do three movies a year, the other directors would remark things like, 'My film is coming out on Diwali, too.' It was absolute hell. I used to hate all of these celebrations, whether it was Diwali, New Year, or Pongal, since I never enjoyed them. There's a lot more time on my hands now." said Rahman. 

AR Rahman has received six National Film Awards, two Academy Awards, two Grammy Awards, a BAFTA Award, a Golden Globe Award, fifteen Filmfare Awards, and seventeen Filmfare Awards South, to name a few accolades. And he deserved them since his songs can be listened to a million times and yet trigger the same level of thrill and ecstasy.


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