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Adoring Pic – Pawan With Daughter Aadya

Renu Desai's recent comments haven't gone well with Pawan Kalyan's die-hard fans. Renu had commented that it was her blood which is running through in daughter Aadya and son Akira. She had even cited science that it was mother's blood that runs in children and not father's. And this comments of Renu have become hot topic.

Probably, in order to calm down the tempers, Pawan's ex wife Renu Desai has posted an adorable picture of Aadya Konidela with father Pawan. This picture of Pawan with Aadya is bringing smiles on faces of fans. This is an unseen pic of Aadya with her doting dad. This shows how close Pawan is with his children with Renu though the duo had separated. While Renu is staying in Pune, Pawan often takes time out of his schedule and visit the children and spend quality time with them.

As Pawan is busy with his political works at Janasena, the actor-turned-politician is finding difficult to allot time to personal space. Recently, Pawan had gone on a vacation to Russia with Anna Lezhneva and children with her. Meanwhile, reports are rife that Pawan is set for comeback into films with Pink remake. Let's wait and see. But this picture of Pawan with Aadya is surely rejoicing fans.




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