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Actor Siddharth Getting Trolled For Comparing BJP MP Tejaswi Surya To Ajmal Kasab

The latest person to make it to headlines regarding the BBMP bed allotment scam is actor Siddharth with his tweet calling BJP MP Tejasvi Surya "worse than terrorist Ajmal Kasab".

Surya on Tuesday alleged that hospitals in the city 'blocked' beds in fake names to make money, at a time when COVID-19 cases were rising in the country and Karnataka.

At least 4,065 beds were 'blocked' in fake names by the hospitals to make a killing, the BJP Yuva Morcha president and Bengaluru South BJP MP alleged.

However, a video later went viral on Twitter wherein Surya, who conducted an audit of the bed allotment in the south zone war room on Tuesday, can be seen reading out a list of the names of 17 Muslim health officials deployed in the war room.

"Is it a madrassa or a war room?" the in-charge officer is asked.

Since then the hashtag #TejasviSuryaExposed has been trending on Twitter.

Actor Siddharth, well known for his role in the film 'Rang De Basanti', made a strongly-worded tweet condemning Surya.

Siddharth wrote, "@Tejasvi_Surya is far more dangerous and just a decade older than #AjmalKasab. Save this tweet. It will unfortunately age well."

Ajmal Kasab was a member of the terrorist organisation Lashkar-e-Taiba. He was one of the terrorists who killed many in the 2008 Mumbai terrorist attacks.

The tweet is no longer visible on the actor's Twitter timeline. However, that hasn't stopped Twitterati from making it viral. The actor, known for fearlessly criticising BJP, is trending on Twitter today earning a lot of criticism for his tweet.

While the followers of Tejasvi Surya are criticising Siddharth for attacking the MP's words, others are of the opinion that even if one has a difference in political opinion, comparison with a terrorist is not warranted.


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