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Actor Christian Bale To Be Seen As Gorr The God Butcher In Thor: Love And Thunder?!?! Deets Inside….

In the 'Dark Knight' series, Academy Award-winning actor Christian Bale, best known for his role as Batman, officially crosses over into the Marvel Cinematic Universe and joins the cast of' Thor: Love and Thunder.' He'll hang up his superhero cape this time around and take on the part of supervillain Gorr the God Butcher in the starry Chris Hemsworth. It is said that Gorr is one of Marvel's toughest villains, and also one who would have put Thanos to shame. He is responsible in the comic books for destroying worlds and "feasting" on gods and even converting them into his slaves. Rumours were rife that the makers were certain that they did not want the role of Bale to be a "one-off," implying that in the next step of the Marvel franchise, he might be the next bringer of doom.

This announcement comes months after the first buzz of the actor being approached to appear in the forthcoming Marvel superhero film started making the rounds. At a red carpet event early this year, Tessa Thompson, known for her role as the Valkyrie in the hit franchise, first confirmed the rumours. Christian Bale will be playing our villain, which is going to be amazing. Huh! Okay! It's going to be fine,' Tessa said in a video on the internet that went viral. 'Thor: Love and Thunder,' now scheduled for release on May 6, 2022, is a follow-up to 'Thor: Ragnarok' in 2017. It will see Taika Waititi returning to the director's seat and her role as Dr Jane Foster will be reprised by actress Natalie Portman. This is not the first time that actors in the cinematic world of DC have crossed over to the MCU. Michael Keaton also crossed over to play the villain Vulture, who played 'Batman' and is rumoured to return in 'Spider-Man 3' as Tom Holland-lead.

Actors such as Ryan Reynolds, who had previously starred as 'Green Lantern' for his role as 'Deadpool' also gained fame, Tommy Lee Jones who played the villain Two-Face in 'Batman Forever' also joined the Marvel brigade by starring in 'Captain America: The First Avenger' and Halle Berry who played 'Catwoman' became one of the greatest of the MCU with her role in the 'X-Men' series as Storm.


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