#ThankYouModiJiChallenge: Netizens Take Out Unique Protest Against Fuel Price Hike
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The rising fuel prices in the country which are going high day by day is a big concern. In a few cities, petrol has crossed 105 Rs an all-time high in India.

Unable to bear the soaring fuel prices, the netizens have started a new challenge #ThankYouModiJiChallenge as a bid to show their anger against the petrol and diesel prices in the country.

Despite the challenge being trending on social media, there is no information on who started it and when the challenge started.

The netizens are actively participating in the challenge. They are sharing pics from the fuel stations by making a namaste to Prime Minister Narendra Modi's hoardings in petrol bunks.

Besides sharing the pics from petrol bunks, the netizens are also sharing the old tweets and videos of Narendra Modi he posted while being in the opposition.

The name of the challenge was kept as a dig at with #ThankyouModiSir and #ThankyouModiji hashtags used by the students of Kendriya vidyalaya to thank Modi for cancelling the board exams in the wake of Covid scare.

The high rise in fuel prices when the people are going through the tough period of Covid is making people angry at the union government. Even the supporters of the BJP are also questioning the centre.

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