Covid19 2020 Travellers Guide: ‘Omicron Scare’ State Wise Restrictions (Timings & Dates) In India.
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To Combat the new Corona virus variant Omicron’s surge, many Indian State Governments have imposed strict restrictions. Here we would like to highlight the measures taken by some of the worst Omicron hit states to fight the spread of the Covid19 ‘Omicron’ variant. If you are a ardent traveller, we from g2d(galli2delhi) team would like to provide you as much information as possible to help you travel safely.

N.B. - All the Affected States and their Measures taken to curb Covid19 Omicron is provided in alphabetical order.



The government of Andhra Pradesh implemented night curfew in the state today on Monday, January 10th, in response to the rapid increase in Covid19 Corona Virus cases in the state. Schools, colleges, and other educational institutions have already announced Sankranthi holidays until January 16th. 

Starting on night of January 10th, the curfew will be in effect from night 11 p.m. to Early morning 6 a.m. Curfew and restriction guidelines will be announced in the near future. The theatres will be allowed to fill only to half(50%) of their capacity, and wearing masks in public areas is kept mandatory, failing which a Rs.100/- fine must be paid as per earlier guidelines. Now fearing a Covid19 third wave as new Corona Variant Omicron on the raise, as per sources, AP Govt., planning to impose much more stricter restrictions by Increasing the ‘No Mask’ fine further. So Travellers Mask Up.



From 10 p.m. to 5 a.m., the state government of Bihar has imposed a night curfew. Pre-schoolers and students from Classes 1 to 8 will be required to stay at home and take online classes. 9 to 12 Students Classes is allowed to fill at 50% Capacity. Religious places, shops, movies, clubs, swimming pools, gyms, stadiums, and parks have also been ordered by the state govt., to close until 21st of January.



In Chandigarh People's access to public locations has been restricted. All restaurants, motels, coffee shops, and other eating establishments will be half-full. Only customers who have received both vaccine doses will be permitted entrance.



Rallies, processions, and other public gatherings are prohibited by the state government of Chattisgarh. Especially In Covid19 affected districts having a positivity rate of 4% or higher, a nightcurfew have been imposed between night 10 p.m. and Early Morning 6 a.m.


5) DELHI-NCR(National Capital Region)

The Delhi Disaster Management Authority has put a weekend curfew in place. Employees of the government will be required to work from home, but private businesses would be permitted to operate at 50% capacity. During the curfew, only necessary mobility is allowed. 

Schools, colleges, and movie theatres have been closed, and between 10 p.m. and 5 a.m., a night curfew has been imposed. 

Until January 14, the Noida government has imposed a night curfew (from 10 p.m. to 6 a.m.). Gyms and pools will be closed, while restaurants and movie theatres will be half-full. Weddings will be limited to only 100 people inside a nearby location. Until further notice, schools will be closed. In a recent update Private offices to be closed as per Delhi State Government Orders amid Covid19 spike, work from home mandated.



In Many Major Cities the Government of Gujarat Imposed Night Curfew keeping in mind the raise in Covid19 Omicron Cases. Ahmedabad, Vadodara, Surat, Rajkot, Bhavnagar, Jamnagar, Gandhinagar, and Junagadh are among the major cities where the state government has imposed night curfew.


7) GOA:

Schools and colleges in Goa will be closed until the 26th of January as per the order of the State Government. Students in grades XI and XII who have been vaccinated, on the other hand, are permitted to attend school.



In Haryana, the number of people allowed to work in government offices, boards, and corporations has been limited to 50% of the entire workforce. The rest of the team will work from home. Until January 12th, all universities and institutions will be closed. From 11 p.m. to 5 a.m., a night curfew is in effect. A prohibition has been imposed on gatherings of more than 200 persons by the state government.



With the raise in Covid19 Omicron Cases, expecting a third wave, Until January 15, all educational institutions, gyms, parks, swimming pools, and tourism attractions are advised to be kept closed. As per the instructions of the State Government, by night 8 p.m., all the markets must be closed. 



For the next two weeks, the state of Karnataka will be on weekend lockdown, with a curfew in effect from Friday 10 p.m. to Monday 5 a.m. The state will have a night curfew from 10 p.m. to 5 a.m. Clubs, restaurants, bars, motels, movie theatres, multiplexes, and auditoriums can all operate at 50% occupancy. For the past two weeks, all schools, from nursery to class IX, have been closed. Weddings in open places are limited to 200 guests, whereas weddings in closed halls are limited to 100 guests.



All travellers in the airports of Kerala state  will be screened. Limitations are put on the number of persons who can attend public events. In closed places, the maximum is 75 people, while in open spaces, the limit is set to 150 people.



For international passengers arriving at Mumbai's airport, the Municipal Corporation of Mumbai has published revised instructions. At the airport, each of them will be subjected to quick RT-PCR testing. 

Students from 1st Class to 10th have been ordered to remain at home, while students in 10th and 12th Classes will continue to attend school. Weddings, political, social, and religious functions are limited to a maximum of 50 individuals. The number is set at 20 for funerals. 

Residents of Mumbai have been instructed to wear triple-layer masks on public buses and railways. In Pune Schools (kindergarten to 8th Class) will be closed until January 30th.



The state government of Punjab has enforced a night curfew (from 10 p.m. to 5 a.m.), however vital services are exempted. All educational institutions would be shuttered, forcing students to take classes online. Cinemas, malls, restaurants, and spas will be allowed to operate at 50% capacity, but all employees will need to be completely vaccinated. Citizens who do not wear masks will be denied services in government and private offices. 


The Rajasthan government changed its Covid19 guidelines and extended the closure of schools for classes 1 to 8 in the Jaipur and Jodhpur municipal areas till January 17. For physical classes 1 to 8, all government and private schools in the area will be closed. According to the circular, however, online classes will continue. Previously, schools in these locations were ordered to close until January 9th. At Present Travel inside the state has no restrictions except wearing mask is made mandatory and as patrolling is heavy late night travel is not recommended.



Between the hours of 10 p.m. and 5 a.m., statewide night curfew is imposed in Tamil Nadu. On Sunday, January 9th, a total shutdown will be implemented, with a slight exemption for Public Transport buses, suburban trains, and metro trains which will be half(50%) full. Cultural events, such as the pongal festival, have been postponed, and amusement parks and entertainment venues have remained closed. On Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays, no visits to places of worship will be permitted. Political, social, and cultural gatherings will be prohibited. 



Rallies, public assemblies, and mass gatherings relating to political, cultural, or religious activities have been banned by the government of Telangana. Face masks must be worn, physical distance must be maintained, hand hygiene must be provided, and access points to public transportation, shops, malls, and offices must be screened. The prohibitions will be in effect until January 10th. 


The Uttarakhand Government decided to extend the night curfew by an hour because of the constant rise in Covid19 infections across the state. The night curfew would now be in effect from 10 p.m. to 6 a.m., rather than 11 p.m. to 5 a.m. previously. In the recent update, the State Govt., has banned political demonstrations and protests until January 16th in response to the Covid19 outbreak.



The State Government restricted Flights that fly from New Delhi and Mumbai to West Bengal State, making them only available twice per week. Schools and Colleges have been closed, and Offices are operating with only half of their staff. Until January 15, only essential services are permitted between the hours of 10 p.m. and 5 a.m. 

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