Rahul Dravid turns angry Indiranagar Gunda , Zomato sends cheeky message to Indiranagar customers

Rahul Dravid has anger issues. He is smashing windows, throwing coffee cup, shouting at people and is causing a commotion on roads. Doesn’t seem plausible, right? Well, this all has happened and of course not in real life but for an advertisement.

Earlier yesterday, the former India captain surprised his fans and also confused many. The calm and collected, Dravid was seen in a never seen before, angry avatar. The ad as well was playing at the irony. The credit card payment app, Cred played at the irony while promoting their app by saying that a customer can get cashback offers while paying through their app.

Getting cashback for paying your bills is next to impossible; it's like saying Rahul Dravid has an angry personality. We see Rahul shouting at people, throwing stuff at other vehicles at a traffic signal stop. At one point he even yells, “Indiranagar ka gunda hun main.” The ad went viral on social media for its wit and hilariousness.

Writing about the ad, Dravid posted on Twitter saying, “Hi, this is Rahul Dravid writing the description for this video. Sorry, I lost my temper there. I am meditating these days. Well, I am just writing this to let you know that CRED truly rewards you every time you pay your credit card bills on time. They are good people.”

Zomato’s Reply

Even the food delivery app, Zomato took this opportunity to be hilarious. They sarcastically gave a tweet reply to many of their customers saying that, “deliveries in Indiranagar might be late today due to an angry gunda on the road.”

While many knew that Zomato was referring to Rahul Dravid’s new ad, many were left confused. Their post was taken in a fun manner by many. But some raised questions regarding it. The matter had to be resolved by Zomato.

The food delivery app clarified later that it was all a joke and they were just having fun with Rahul Dravid’s new avatar. They issued a statement later on their social media platform saying, “It has come to our attention that some people took this seriously. There is no Gunda on the roads, there might be a wall tho.”

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