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YSRCP Is Doing Revenge Governance: Purandeswari

BJP leader Daggubati Purandeswari criticized YSRCP government for doing 'revenge' governance instead of development and questioned why did not the government dissolve the Legislative Council in the first cabinet meeting when it opines that council is pointless to have.

Purandeswari was in Tirupathi on Tuesday and speaking to the media she said, there is no use with 'Reverse' tendering as Polavaram construction works have stopped and because of the policies the YSRCP government is taking, industries and investors are not coming to the state.

On the 'Three Capitals' she commented that this decision has failed to attract investments and till now the government did not clarify, how would they do justice to Amaravati farmers who have donated their lands for the capital during the TDP's regime.

Purandeswari also quizzed the YSRCP government about the financial status. 'How is the government going to implement the welfare schemes, when the financial status of the state is not at all in good condition,' summed up the BJP leader.

This is for the first time that Purandeswari has come down heavily on YSRCP government. Will the ruling party, answer to some of the valid questions asked? Let's see!




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