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YS Jagan Says NO – KCR Wants Lockdown Extension

Other day, when PM Narendra Modi held meeting with the parliamentary leaders of various regional parties, it's heard that the two Telugu Chief Ministers have expressed different opinions regarding the lockdown. While KCR is said to have proposed a complete lockdown till April 30 in the least, YS Jagan is said to have given another opinion.

Apparently Telangana Chief Minister KCR is worried about the growing number of cases and has already set up hotspots in Hyderabad and other districts of Telangana where they will be completely seized of movement, and barricades will be put in place to make sure that none comes out and goes in.

Despite such measures, KCR wants the lockdown to be extended till April 30th in the minimum and lockdown with a bit of relaxation till June 1st week, such that things will be under control.

Expressing their opinion on the same, YS Jagan's emissary MP Vijaysai Reddy is said to have asked the Prime Minister to consider opening up lock down in areas where there is no corona scare. The YSRC MP is said to have suggested that lockdown be implemented only in hotspots and leave other areas scout free.

Jagan's thought is that Andhra Pradesh is already in deficit since bifurcation and losing almost Rs 165+ crores every day, and lockdown will further push the state into debts. As AP already borrowed Rs 1000 Cr from Reserve Bank through Central Govt has given Rs 3000 Cr fund, CM Jagan feels that the situation will not turn worse only if lockdown is lifted.

We have to see if PM Modi will consider the requests of CM KCR Or Jagan, or both.


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