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Youth Stipend Linked Up To Skilldevelopement By CM

Andhra Pradesh Government has decided to Implement Youth Stipend to the 10 Lakhs Unemployed Youth in the State. All those receiving the Stipend will be enrolled in the Skill Development Classes and the government will see that they will get employed in various companies. The Government will also use them in various works. In such cases where the workload is more, they will also get additional incentives. This decision is taken to ensure that Youth do not get complacent with the money they are getting. Youth Stipend was implemented in around 10 States but was stopped midway. The Stipend is ranging from 120 Rupees to 3000 Rupees. Some states are giving different amounts based on the Education of the Candidates. But AP Government is planning a Uniform Structure. The scheme is applicable for the age group of 22-35 years and only those who completed Degree and Diploma are eligible. Also, the beneficiaries should be belonging to Below Poverty Line families and should not be receiving any State or Central Government Assistance for Employment Generation.





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