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Young Star Hero Goes Mad On AD Over Reviews

He happens to be one star hero who is slowly losing his ground in Telugu Film Industry. Though he's deep-rooted here, lack of good films coming from him is making audiences shy away from his image.

Other day while shooting for another film, this star hero asked the opinion of Direction Department over his latest movie. While each Assistant Director (AD) has shared his thoughts, one of them quoted a couple of websites and reviews, revealed a source. And that set our hero into the fire and he breathed all this madness on the young AD. 

Apparently, the Star Hero knows that his film will not work, but the fact is that he can't bear reviews because they pointed at him as to why he picked this film. And when the Assistant Director quoted a particular reviewer who always gave positive ratings to many dumb films, the hero started fuming. 

With the intervention of director, the star hero has stopped taking a longer class to the AD, but he made sure that the ,got scared for life that he will never talk about reviews to star heroes like him.




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