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Young Hero Hurt His Team With His Rude Decisions

Somehow few heroes fail to understand the difference between being a lead actor and being the captain of the team. And as they take the work of others into their hands, they start being rude in the name of leadership.

Well, the point here is, there is this young hero who is good at selecting stories, thanks to his film school background. But the problem is that he doesn't want to give credit to any writer, screenplay designer or the dialogue writer of his film. On top of that, he wants to promote only his own name on the posters and teasers. 

No one denies that this hero is too talented to ply many roles in a film, but one has to give proper credentials to other supporting technicians also. Then only it will encourage many think tanks to pour in more brain for entertaining audiences. Otherwise, this work ethic only makes everyone selfish that they will not help or share their thoughts with others. 

Despite the fact that the producer tried to explain this situation to the hero, he is said to be continuing to hurt his team with his rude decisions. Let's see what more happens in the coming days.




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