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Yellow Media Transformation In Peoples View

As we all know, ruling party of AP holds maximum number of print and electronic media with them. It's a routine affair yellow channels and newspapers do bhajana on their favourite political parties regularly and belittle other political parties. Fortunately, most of the people successfully made out how Yellow Media exhibits bias on TDP.  In a span of over nine years, there has been a drastic change on peoples perspective towards Yellow Media. Let's see the difference between 2009 and 2018. 

2009: People had great respect on Yellow Media then. They would blindly trust every programme telecast by the Yellow Media. Even if Yellow Media would indulge in malicious Goebbels propaganda on other political parties, people would believe in their propaganda quite innocently. Somehow, it could be said Yellow Media was one of the prime reasons for division of AP state. Hadn't they changed the mindsets of people prior to the elections, united AP could have occupied number one status among Indian states by now. 

2018: Yellow Media turned more aggressive in exhibiting TDP's bias now. Some merugaina samajam channels, which stood neutral during 2009's elections, have also started TDP's bhajana on caste grounds. Their slogan is now changed as 'Merugaina caste kosam'. However, the problem for Yellow Media is that their words are not being trusted by people now. The emergence of social media platforms and Whatsapp groups brought a huge difference. People are able to read between the lines now. When Prince Mahesh Babu vocalised poweful dialogues against Yellow Media, there was a humongous response in Bharat Ane Nenu theatres. And the ratings of yellow channels have drastically been fallen down when Power Star Pawan Kalyan initiated a rebellion against them. And more shockingly, villagers at Rachabanda of many villages are also seen giving speeches on Yellow Media's bias on political parties. All in all, Yellow Media can hardly affect the prospects of any political party for upcoming elections.




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