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Yellow Media Highlighted Mla Corruption

At the recent interaction with party MLAs, one MLA reportedly confessed to Chandrababu Naidu about the extent of his corruption, according to a story carried by the yellow media itself.

At the interaction, the MLA reportedly told Naidu, “Sir, I know the information you have received about me. But I am revealing the absolute truth to you and you can enquire for yourself. This is what I have assisted in and this is what I have received in return.

In my district, the bond between leaders and cadre is very thick and they expect a lot from us. So, quite a large amount of money has to be spent for their sake. If you find that I have taken more than what I have mentioned then I am open to any punishment.”

The big question is why on earth did the yellow media report this story in the first place?

Merely to place the MLA in its control like the survey result against Ganta Srinivasa Rao or is there some other objective?





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