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YCP Protest Rally In Amaravati Capital Villages

Amaravati farmers got agitated further following a surprise protest rally taken out by YCP followers in their villages. YCP activists held this rally in protest against the recent alleged attack by TDP on the ruling party MP Nandigram Suresh. The YCP rally passed through the venues of Amaravati dharna camps in Capital villages of Mandadam, Velagapudi, etc. Tensions prevailed because of the YCP rally. They raised ‘Jai Jagan’ slogans ad they passed in front of Amaravati protest camps. Capital farmers raised counter slogans ‘Jai Amaravati’. The police arrived in large numbers and kept a close watch on the agitating farmers. Expressing sadness, Amaravati farmers asked how YCP can hold such provocative protests when not a single Minister came to solve their problems. CM Jaganmohan Reddy regularly passes through their villages but he is not caring to stop at their protest camps to enquire about their problems. Farmers asserted that they would continue their agitation till Capital shifting is cancelled.



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