Xiaomi’s Violation Of Philips Patents Causing Ban Of Xiaomi In India!?!?Deets Inside..

Philips filed a case against Xiaomi India alleging infringement of the patent and requested the High Court of Delhi to prohibit the selling of all Xiaomi cell phones in violation of the patents of the firm. The patents related to UMTS enhancement (HSPA, HSPA+) and LTE technologies. Philips alleges that Xiaomi India is in breach of three patents. Philips India has demanded that a "ex-parte, ad-interim injunction" be passed in its favour and wants all Xiaomi to be prohibited from "producing/assembling, importing, selling, offering for sale, advertising, including through their websites and third parties," its cell phones that breach the patents of the firm.  It also seeks "to grant ad-interim order of injunction directing the Central Board of Excise and Customs to give appropriate instructions to the customs authorities not to enable the importation of Xiaomi mobile handsets which are in breach at any port, including airports in India." 

In order to retain a sum of Rs 1,000 crores in their bank accounts that are operated in India, the Delhi High Court ordered Xiaomi India to hold up to the next date of the hearing of the defendants. The Delhi High Court order also ordered Xiaomi to file information of the bank accounts run in India, where the balance of Rs 1000 crores is retained, on or before December 02, 2020. Xiaomi India has been ordered by the Delhi High Court to file its reply within four weeks. On January 18, 2021, the next hearing will take place. For a comment on the issue, we also reached out to Xiaomi India.

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