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Wrong Medicine Kills A 2-year-old

In an unfortunate incident, a two-year-old girl toddler died after she was allegedly given wrong medicine by a pharmaceutical store in Delhi's Shahdara district. The shop owner made a mistake causing the girl's untimely death.

Sad that the toddler was declared dead even though her mother rushed to a nearby hospital. The police confirm that the girl was suffering from a common fever and cough when she was taken to a medical store for medicine on the same.

However, the girl did not find any relief. So her mother took her to the medical store again. The owner of the shop gave her an injection to bring down the fever. But, shocking that the girl started to vomit blood as soon as she came home. She was taken to GTB hospital where she was declared brought dead, the officer said.

A case was registered and further investigation is underway. The case is an eye-opener to once again remind the public that doctor's prescription is indispensable at any cost even if it's just the common flu. The drugs in the market can be addictive, harmful and can downright kill you if you disregard seeing a doctor.




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