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Worried About The Delay For 2nd Dose Of The COVID Vaccine? Know All About It

With the risk of Covid-19 turning fatal, everyone wants to receive the vaccination now. Only Covishield and Covaxin are now available in the country that too in small doses. The Sputnik-V vaccination will be available shortly as well. Mostly, Covishield is being administered in the country. There is an acute scarcity of Covaxin. Those receiving the first dosage will have to wait longer than expected, especially given the lack of availability of the second dosage. What happens if the second Covaxin dose isn't given on time? What should you do if they arrive later than expected?

To boost immunity: Medical experts say two doses are required for the vaccine to be effective. A second dosage is required for all presently available corona vaccinations. If the first dosage activates the immune system, the second dosage strengthens it by producing memory-B cells. In other words, these cells encourage the immune system to remain vigilant. As a result, those who have taken two doses are deemed fully protected. Immunity does not, however, increase promptly after the initial dosage. It will take around 14 days to complete this task.

Why does Covaxin take less time than Covishield?

Those who take the first dosage of Covishield say they should wait 12 to 16 weeks before taking the second dosage. The second dosage of Covaxin, on the other hand, should be taken six weeks after the first one. Unlike Covishield, Covaxin is expected to not produce a significant antibody response to the first dosage. As a result, it is suggested that a second dosage be given as soon as possible to enhance immunity. This has been brought up in recent studies. Only individuals who have received both doses of the vaccination are completely immune to the virus.

What happens if I miss the second dosage schedule?

There have been questions regarding what to do if a person fails to take the second dosage of Covaxin. The second dose of Covaxin is now required, and no one has received it on time. Attempt to take the second dosage on the planned vaccination day. If the schedule is missed, seek medical advice. Because even researchers are unsure if the first dosage will have an impact if the vaccination is postponed. As a result, some individuals repeat the vaccination procedure and recommend that the second dosage be given at the appropriate time. In that instance, individuals who take the first dosage of Covaxin but forget to take the second must wait until the first dosage is taken again. This is believed to give some anti-viral defense. You should, however, seek medical counsel about this. Making your own judgments or just believing what someone says is not a smart idea.


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