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Work-From-Home To Become The Norm Even After Lockdown

Here's news that is both good and bad depending on how you take it. Thanks to the Corona lockdown, most companies have adopted the work-from-home mode. The employees are delivering the works from their home and despite the employees not coming to the office, overall productivity and performance in several firms remains unaffected.

Now, the thinking heads of various corporate companies are finding the 'work-from-home' advantageous. They feel the employees gain on travel time, the organisations gain in terms of office expenses in terms of power consumption, wifi tarrifs, employee amenities, leaves, allowances, overtime etc. The office rent too can be done away with and a small office is now enough. So, many companies are thinking of continuing with the work-from-home mode.

Several companies are now exploring the possibility of continuing with the system for a major part of the their staff. Even the offices can get smaller. This would help the companies to tide over the financial crisis that could occur soon after the lockdown.




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