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Words Of Suresh Babu Lifted The Spirit Of Tharun Bhaskar

Last week, talented young director Tarun Bhaskar is pretty upset that few critics marred his latest created "Ee Nagaraniki Emaindi?" in such a way that they taught him about camera angles and lighting. Alleging that critics should do a 'film appreciation course', he has quit social media.

Inside sources revealed that that the 2.5 to 2.75 stars given to the film have hugely disappointed Tarun Bhaskar on the opening day. He was very low that day and felt unhappy for getting poor ratings. But then, we hear that top producer Suresh Babu lifted his spirit up on the release-day night. So what did Suresh Babu said to him that night? 

Suresh is said to have revealed to him about the importance of 'release timing' rather just content. He has given some examples of good films which were released in a bad time, fetched 4-star ratings, but collected very less at the box office. Cut to Ee Nagariniki Emaindi, he has timed the release in such a way that it is making huge money with no competition around. And he inspired Tarun to move on to their next film rather just sticking to this result, which is not at all a bad result. 

Also, Suresh is said to have thrown a party to the whole team and praised them for coming up with a new age movie. All these talks of him have truly lifted the spirits of Tarun Bhaskar, says a source. 




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