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Women Let Man Use Them-Unacceptable Sexist Comment By Sr Director

The Indian society has men practising patriarchy, sexism and misogyny from time immemorial and now, a noted Tamil filmmaker K Bhagyaraj enters the illogical league of elaborating why girls get raped. Earlier, many instances were there who spoke regressive about women and on sexual assault.

From a repeated offender like Mulayam Yadav who said that boys can make mistakes like rape and speaking bad on rural women to Goa CM Laxmikanth Parsekar who made sexist comments like dark complexion won't help in finding a good bridegroom, K Bhagyaraj questions women 'What is it that you talk so much about on the phone'.

The filmmaker was speaking at the music launch of  'Karuthukalai Pathivu Sei', a film based on the 2019 Pollachi sex scandal and ironically, what he spoke sounded nonsensical. The director said 'boys can't always be blamed' for such crimes. The overall speech of his had many misogynic remarks, which are quite unacceptable.

Bhagyaraj said that mobile phones have increased the vulnerability of women and it is entirely girls mistake as they constantly talk and text on phone, giving them 'an opportunity'. He also added that when women had certain 'inhibitions', no such crimes happened and everything was 'fine.'

Surprisingly the crowd present has given a big round of applause. His statement of women letting men use them is receiving outrage on social media. He quoted an old Tamil saying 'Usi idam kudutha thaan nool nuzhaya mudiyum,' meaning 'Can't thread a needle without its permission'.




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