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Will USA Investigators Call Srireddy As Wittness In Sexracket Case

Before it happened, none spoke about it. But after the news got out, everyone is claiming that they know all the insights about it. And one such news is the USA sex racket thing and one such celebrity is Sri Reddy.

Taking to her Facebook page, she's now throwing more mud than anyone else on the whole prostitution racket. Apparently other day, Sri Reddy listed the full list of celebrities who have gone to the USA and tried to point fingers at them rather indirectly. And the list includes industry's big names like Trisha, Kajal, Rakul Preet and others as well. One wonders what is the point Sri Reddy is trying to make in this issue now. 

Apart from writing the list of names, the controversial actress also made some remarks on the likes of Rakul hinting about their previous statements that they never experienced casting couch in the industry. Also Sri Reddy wrote unworthy stuff about TV actresses and some anchors too. 

At a time when some investigation is going on and the US Homeland security investigation department trying to figure out more things about the case, it looks funny that the likes of Sri Reddy try to do these whistleblower acts as if they know everything. Let's see if USA investigators will also call Sri Reddy as a witness!!




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