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Will Telugu People Accept Ileanas Plumpy Look

Somebody may call it body shaming or some say that film industry doesn't have ethics, but like all jobs that have few qualifications and parameters to be met, actors need good looks and physique as a base criterion. 
That's the reason some heroes and heroines will be out of the scene once they start losing their sheen as they lose control over their bodies. Especially when it comes to heroines, if they turn plump and chubby, offers will be out of their hands. From Aarti Agarwal, Meera Jasmine to Nitya Menon, that is the case. Putting on weight is a bad thing they do in their careers. 
Cut to our story, now that Ileana is coming back, people will recall how she has teased Telugu audiences with her curvaceous waist way back in the late 2000s. Even when she left Tollywood in 2012, she looked best in her hourglass looks. But now, as she plays a lead role in Amar Akbar Antony, she's looking quite plump. As she posed for shutterbugs at airport other day, her look stunned everyone. 
The question is, will Telugu audience accept this plump siren now? Can she succeed where the likes of Aarti Agarwal failed to do so? 

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