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Will TDP Join Hands With Congress In Telangana

Strange indeed is politics and the saying is one hundred apt that in this field, there are no permanent friends or foes.

TDP which was founded on the plank of ‘Telugu Aatma Gauravam’ (in truth, it was a Kamma formation against Reddy hegemony) against the Congress soon became a strong regional party to the extent where it could make or break Union governments.

Similarly, in Telangana, banking once again on the plank of Telangana Atma Gauravam (although in truth, it was more about KCR’s Aatma Gauravam as he as highly miffed at being denied a cabinet berth by Chandrababu Naidu), the TRS emerged as a strong regional power although KCR does not have the same stature at the national level as Chandrababu.

Now, the TRS is supporting the BJP at the Central level and is easily the front runner to sweep the 2019 polls.

The upcoming gram Panchayat elections are likely to be a dress rehearsal of sorts for the 2019 polls.

On the verge of extinction in Telangana, the TDP has taken a radical decision: to tie up with its arch-rival Congress and defeat the TRS by hook or by crook.

The exercise is set to get underway in Khammam where a whopping 70 percent of TDP cadre, favour an alliance with the Congress.

Any positive result can easily translate into an understanding for the 2019 polls as well although such an understanding will not work in Andhra Pradesh where the Grand Old Party has been decimated.

But who would have ever thought a day would come when the Congress and TDP will fight elections together




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