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Will RRR Also Become Like Baahubali

One of the most awaited films of Tollywood is #RRR that features Ram Charan and Rama Rao in the leads and has Rajamouli at the helm. Here is an interesting snippet about the movie.

Both Ram Charan and NTR are trying to wrap their current commitments so that they will take part in the regular shooting of #RRR from October. However, it's being said that Rajamouli is still not convinced with the storyline and he wants Vijayendra Prasad to come up with new scenes and climax ideas. 

While there is plenty of time for the script to be completed, now fans of NTR and Charan are worried if this #RRR will start on time or it will get delayed like Baahubali and take some 3-4 years to get wrapped. But insiders revealed that though Rajamouli is asking for changes, the total skeletal framework of the movie is locked. 

Though a couple of heroines like Anu Emmanuel and Keerthi Suresh are approached by Rajamouli's team, till date no heroine is also finalised for the film. We have to see what happens.




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