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Will KCR React To Pawans Demand

Pawan Kalyan, who recently patched up with KCR and even met him at his residence and heaped praises on his policies on power supply, has a demand to KCR. Pawan is likely to raise the issue of a few communities from Uttar Andhra who were exempted from the list of BC category in Telangana state.

Going into the details, after the bifurcation of the united state, the newly formed Telangana government has removed 23 castes from the list of BC category. All the 'removed' 23 castes belong to backward classes from the North Coastal Andhra. This turned out to be a problem for the communities settled in Telangana state and their children as they couldn't avail the benefits under BC category.

The removal of the certain sections from BC category have deprived them the reservation in jobs and education in Telangana. Pawan said Andhra Pradesh CM Chandrababu Naidu has failed to protect the interests of coastal Andhra people in Telangana.  Pawan said he will pursue the issue with KCR and if necessary his party is also ready to launch a protest in the future.

Now, it needs to be seen how KCR would react to Pawan's demand. Already, KCR government is going through hiccups over the 12 percent Muslim reservations as it has crossed Supreme Court's guideline of having 50 percent reservation cap. Amidst this, inducting more communities from Andhra under BC category may draw flak from the other sections in the BC category.




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