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Will Chiru Gives Out That Video

Making his re-entry into films, Megastar Chiranjeevi proved that he could easily bring 100 crores share to the table.

And that puts more pressure on him to deliver "Sye Raa" to the biggest level because fans expect this film to make more than what Khaidi No. 150 did at the box office. But it is not the teaser or trailer of Sye Raa that is making fans wait on the toes. Here is an interesting talk happening in Film Nagar.

With Chiranjeevi not on social media, we have not seen anytime what is the sort of workout routine he follows to stay fit. But Chiru lost oodles of weight before Khaidi No. 150 and Ram Charan revealed at times that his father goes to the gym (which is located in his house only) every day in the morning without fail. 

Other day Charan himself has challenged Chiranjeevi to come up with a video of his routine, as he has thrown that #FitnessChallenge to the Mega senior. And if Megastar really comes up with that video, it will be surely a record of sorts for being the first gym workout video of Chiranjeevi. 

So, let's wait to see how Megastar is going to respond to his son's challenge!




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