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Will Big Fat Wedding In Bigboss House Happen

Big Boss season two has become a huge hit yet again in Telugu not only due to the entertainment factor but for the kind of background celebrities came from. There are a lot of cat fights, gossiping and interesting stuff happening inside the house, which is making the viewer stick to TV screens.

Actually, the chemistry between Samrat and Tejaswi became talking point ever since the two have grown close to each other on the show. Though they clarified that there is nothing such, their bonding is being discussed vividly. And at a big-fat wedding that is taking place in Hyderabad right now, this is the topic. 

Already we know that Shriya Bhupal is getting married to Upasana's cousin Aindrith today. This happens to be one big fat wedding to which even the family of businessman Jeevith Reddy is invited. He's the father of model and designer Shilpa Reddy and her brother Samrat Reddy aka Samrat. We hear that Shilpa is floored with many questions about Samrat's presence in Big Boss house. 

As Samrat is already married and divorced, this discussion gained prominence as to what is happening inside the house. Though Samrat and Tejaswi are maintaining that it is just friendship, none at the wedding nor the audiences are buying it. 




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