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Will Be In Touch With Pawan Kalyan Despite Marriage Says Renu Desai

Pawan Kalyan's ex-wife and actress Renu Desai recently got engaged and she is getting ready for her second marriage.   She was upset with the abusive comments of fans and she quit from Twitter.  But she continues to be in touch with the fans on Instagram.   She has recently interacted with her fans on the Instagram and answered several questions. 

When she was asked whether she will be in touch with Pawan Kalyan after her second marriage, she said that she will be in touch with him because he is the father of her kids.  She said that she has no other option but to stay in touch with him as she has to discuss with him regarding the kids future.  She said that she has to send Akira, Adya to Pawan whenever there are holidays and special occasions.  It is known that Pawan Kalyan has already wished Renu all the best for her future after she got engaged.  

Renu Desai said that she had to face troubles with only 10% of the netizens but all the others wished her affectionately.  Renu Desai didn't share the photograph of her would-be husband.  She is keeping her details under wraps.  We have to wait and see when she is going to share his details




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