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Wife Of Ram Trailer Released

Of late, Tollywood filmmakers are coming up with unique and concept based films. Manchu Lakshmi’s upcoming film Wife Of Ram (W/O Ram) too seems to be an engaging thriller. The film’s trailer released just a while ago too creates interest on it.

Wife Of Ram trailer starts with a police officer conversing with Manchu Lakshmi about her husband’s murder by a unanimous person who as narrated by her threw him in a deep valley.

Besides police officials, Lakshmi too investigates the case using her sources. After few thrilling bits, the trailer ends with the suspect shown from back angle.

Samrat Reddy has played Manchu Lakshmi’s husband in the murder mystery film produced under Manchu Entertainment. Raghu Dixit has scored the music while dialogues are penned by Sandeep Gunta.

Manchu Lakshmi who failed to score a hit in recent times pins high hopes on Wife Of Ram which is slated for release soon.





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