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Why This Hungama For Writing Surname

Media hungama has reached a new level these days with the advent of 24X7 news channels.  If they get a small point, they will start the endless discussions.  Recently a channel's hungama related to the music director Ghibran's name has literally surprised the audience. '

It is known that Ghibran scores music for films in several languages.  His name is credited as M. Ghibran in the title credits usually.   But the recently released 'Vishwaroopam-2' trailer displayed his name is Mohamaad Ghibran.  Let us keep aside the expectations on the film starring Kamal Haasan… why the channel conducted huge discussions on this name?  It is his actual name.. and he used it in the title cards.  But the channel has conducted 6-member panel discussions on the addition of 'Mohamaad' into the name.  

Responding to the discussions he said "I was surprised to know that my name change has become such big issue.  I was on fast when Kamal Haasan met me first.  I was continuing the fast at the time of trailer release as well.  So, I have requested the team to change the title cards to Mohamaad Ghibran.  This is my dedication to God






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