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Why Should I Respond To Those Who Seek Publicity Says Regina

In a huge shock, sultry hot beauty Regina Cassandra's name made headlines in the US prostitution scandal that was unearthed by the Chicago police recently. Needless to say, this came as a huge shock to Regina's fans.

However, Regina maintained stoic silence all these days even though her image and reputation were being damaged badly. But the actress seems to have decided to put an end to all the negativity around her.

In a latest interview given to a popular Telugu TV channel, Regina said that her name was unnecessarily dragged into the US sex scandal. "Media houses didn't do any research and involved me in matters that were nowhere related to me," said Regina, further requesting the media to be more responsible while carrying such scandalous news.

"Sometimes, silence is the best response," Regina said, when asked why she didn't condemn the rumours so far. "If there was any truth to those reports, there would have been a solution to it too. Why should I respond to those who seek publicity?," she further said.




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