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Why Pawan Not Rushing For Election Symbol

Pawan Kalyan might be keen to field Jana Sena Candidates in all the 175 Assembly Constituencies. Whether or not he would be able to garner the votes from people who attend his meetings and road shows is a million dollar question.

General Elections are scheduled to happen in the next 10 Months. If Early Polls materialize, Elections would happen within the next 4 to 5 months. Is Jana Sena prepared for it?

First of all, Any Political Party should take the election symbol into the people to ensure as much voting happens in it's favour. So far, Pawan Kalyan didn't focus on this crucial aspect.

Jana Sena Leadership hasn't even made any announcement on seeking Election Symbol from Election Commission of India. If this situation continues, Pawan Kalyan mayn't be able to obtain even the 10 percent share that's been predicted by TDP Internal Survey.




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