Why One Should Not Delay Taking Covid19 Second Vaccination Dose??

The Central Government earlier announced all Indian citizens above the age of 18 are eligible to take COVID jabs from May 1. The Centre also allowed states to directly procure vaccine doses from manufacturers. States are now gearing up to inoculate those in the age group of 18-45 years. Many from different age groups have already been vaccinated but when we talk about the wait time between each dose, what exactly is ideal?

Currently, India does not have enough vaccine doses to carry out the immunization process, smoothly. There is a concern that those who took their first shot may not be able to get the second one in time. Registrations are open on the CoWin app and the slots are filling up fast. Some states are focusing on the 18-44 year age group. But is it safe to delay the second dose?

As the cases of COVID19 are increasing every day, health experts are now having varying thoughts on how to administer the vaccine. When the time is crucial, people are trying to understand whether to wait long before administering the second dose of the vaccine or to lessen the wait time.

Many in the age group of 45 to 60 took their first shot and it is time for their second dose. The experts are trying to see if it will be better to vaccinate more people and give them at least the first dose or to finish with both the doses for a person. But there is a certain time gap that is to be followed. It is best when people go by this, according to vaccine experts.

If we talk about the different vaccines that are available in India, then let us inform you that the wait time differs for both of them.

For the Bharat Biotech produced, Covaxin the ideal wait time between the first and second dose of vaccine is 28 days or four weeks.

For CoviShield as well, the ideal gap was 4 weeks. But now the government has recommended that it can be delayed to 6-8 weeks.

This is the recommended gap time between two doses for both vaccines. Some foreign nations have approved 12 weeks as well. But India does not recommend that.

Shortage Issues

When you delay the second dose too much, it might lessen the efficiency. But as India is facing a shortage, there might be a certain delay. With the second wave of coronavirus, the number of cases has increased significantly. This has pushed all the plans. Now it is a necessity that more citizens be vaccinated at a given time.

Shortages are being reported by various states. To help with the increasing demand and shortage, India recently signed for the import of Sputnik-V, a Russian-made coronavirus vaccine.

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