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Why Not Drunken Drive Test At Pragathi Bhavan Revanth Reddy

Congress staged a protest against the alleged corruption in the distribution of sheep on subsidy at Nagar Kurnool.

At the public meeting, Revanth Reddy dared to say: 'Cops have been sending people caught in drunken drive behind the bars. Why don't they book cases against KCR who is ruling the state in an inebriated state? Why don't you conduct Drunken Drive test at Pragathi Bhavan?'. 

Kodangal MLA complains KCR forgot the fact that Statehood was achieved with the movement. He accused TRS Government harassing protestors with arrests and cases. 'Subsidy Sheep are recycled ones. Even Panchayat Raj Minister Jupally Krishna Rao knew about it. State Government isn't taking action against the sand mafia by Guvvala Balaraju,' he said.

Revanth Reddy alleged KCR is trying to deceive voters again with Rythu Bandhu Scheme. He questioned, 'Is it fair enough to offer Rs 5 lakh after death when you don't care about farmer when he is alive?'.

Nagam Janardhan Reddy declared Congress will be coming to power in 2019 no matter how many gimmicks might be planned by TRS




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