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Why Nagarjuna In Silent Mode

Officer film has created a unique record at box office by collecting the lowest distributor share among notable films.

The film has beaten biggest flop record set by Balakrishna’s Parama Veera Chakra too.

Although Officer’s full run distributor share is being publicized as Rs. 1 crore, in reality it is way less than that number.

The film collected around Rs. 70 lakh share on its first day and ran into deficits from day 2.

Most of the theaters were into deficits that trade trackers didn’t minus those from the shares collected. They reported the collections on percentage basis which is why Officer is able to reach Rs. 1 crore mark as per trade circles.

This is the most humiliating failure for a top hero like Nagarjuna. He was rewarded with career turning Shiva when he entrusted Ram Gopal Varma for the first time and now he is letdown by the same director by recording a historic flop.

Nagarjuna who doesn’t mince words when talking about his failures somehow kept mum about Officer’s disastrous performance. He simply stated that he has ‘moved on’.

He lambasted director Veerabhadram publicly after Bhai tanked at box office. The young director was not able to recover post Nagarjuna’s outburst.

Nag also criticized, post Chandralekha’s failure. Why is he silent over Officer’s debacle?

It would be interesting to listen to Nagarjuna’s opinion on Officer’s historic failure in his future interactions with the media




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