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Why Is Renu Hesitating To Reveal The Details Of Her Fiance

Renu Desai is hesitant to introduce her fiance to the World because of the threats issued by netizens who can't digest the very thought of her Second Marriage. Not even the name of her Would-Be Husband was disclosed so far.

Since few weeks, Renu Desai kept teasing the people with few details like she would go on a vacation with him. And now, She shared a picture of herself while spending quality time with him. Of course, A conscious attempt has been made not to reveal his facial features.

How long would Renu Desai hide her new Life Partner? Why do she need to do such things when there is nothing about getting married again? There is no point in being scared of the faceless haters on Social Media. Hopefully, Renu finds some courage at some point to reveal the identity.  




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