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Why Ap CM Is So Frustrated

CM Jagan seems to be so frustrated with the fact that the local body election in the state is postponed. Ever since the State Election Commissioner Ramesh Kumar announced the decision to postpone the civic body election by six weeks, CM Jagan and his party leaders have leveled serious allegations against the SEC and unleashed an all-round attack.

Jagan's frustration has triggered a lot of political reactions. Despite that Corona pandemic is looming large, CM Jagan hell bent on conducting local body election at this juncture is raising a lot of doubts. Speculations are rife that the ruling party leaders have made all arrangements to tackle the local body election.

YCP leaders and party workers on ground have prepared well for practical situations during Municipal, MPTC, ZPTC and Panchayat elections. So, the sudden postponement of the election by six weeks is not going down well with YCP netas as they are said to be worried that the extension of time would change the results.

Also, Opposition TDP was struggling to field right candidates in local polls in several areas owing to threats issued from local YCP leaders. At the same time, there are many influences from ruling party leaders to create disturbances among Opposition leaders, candidates. This had put Opposition TDP in a tight spot leaving the party in tense.

h of relief for TDP. This is expected to come up with a perfect strategy for TDP to counter ruling party's strategies and strengths.

Since TDP has a strong local cadre and good base in Municipalities which was proved many times and the party did show up well in MPTC, ZPTC and Panchayat polls in the past, ruling YCP is now said to be worried over the extension of time for the polls. This is exactly said to be the reason behind CM Jagan's frustration over deferring the polls.

At a time when YCP has made all its plans for polls and got its leaders, party workers ready to face the election, the sudden last minute shocker from EC has spoiled YCP netas' plans. This said to have upset Jagan more. Also, it is buzzed that the election expenses are expected to incur higher than before owing to the postponement as more time is directly proportional to more money for campaign.

The same applies for Opposition TDP as well. But one is not sure why only CM Jagan is so frustrated about postponing local body election. Only Jagan and YCP leaders know the exact reason.




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