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Who Is The Spy Helping Pawan To Gun Lokesh

If there's one person that Pawan Kalyan detests most, then it must be Nara Lokesh. Ever since he began the Porata Yatra, Pawan has mainly trained his guns on Lokesh. He targeted Lokesh for the thousands of crores worth of sams.

Why is the targeting only Lokesh? Why is he not touching other MLAs and ministers involved in scams?  This is a top of hot discussion in political circles, including the Jana Sena. Even the TDP circles are left wondering why only LOkesh is the target.

Those in the know says that someone from inside the TDP itself, perhaps a minister himself, is actually providing the gunpowder to attack Lokesh. He is giving out key information. The minister is from Vizag. Another senior minister from East Godavari too is unhappy with the rise of Lokesh and is providng the information. Both these ministers are said to be leaking info.

Sources said they first tried to tip off YS Jagan but did not do so as Jagan's comments would be seen as mere Oppositon rants. So, they chose Pawan Kalyan. 

Unfortunately for Lokesh, neither the party nor he is countering the allegations giving an impression that they are correct. 




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