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Who Dares TO Produce Puri Jagannath Film

The debacle of Mehbooba is a big let down to Puri in many ways. While it was launch pad for his son's acting debut, the film also incurred hefty losses to Puri as a producer as he owes to return money to distributor Dil Raju. Amidst this, Puri still dares to do films with his family.

While he is trying to start his next directorial with son Akash based on martial arts set against US backdrop, the Pokiri director is planning another film with his younger brother Sai Ram Shankar.

Considering lull phase of Sai Ram Shankar, Puri seems to be coming to his rescue and planning a film with Sai Ram to resurrect his sagging career. Currently, the script work for Sai Ram's film is going on. If Puri makes a comeback with any of these two films or at least comes up with an average film, other heroes would be interested in working with Puri again. Certainly, a tough time for Puri




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