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What’s wrong with Tollywood

Tollywood has been going through tough times for the past one year as it has been continuously hitting the headlines for the wrong reasons.  It all started with the drugs scandal in last July.  There was so much hungama in the media as 12 celebrities were questioned by the SIT officials.   

By the time everybody forgot drugs episode, Sri Reddy issue grabbed the attention.  These issues were prominently discussed in national media as well.  Now, the sex scandal involving Tollywood actresses in the US has become a hot topic.  As the US police officials have revealed the that a high-end prostitution rocket is going in on in the name of US trips, Tollywood grabbed the limelight again.  They have not revealed the heroine name but they have announced it as Victim A during the investigation process.  

As they have not revealed the name of the heroine, netizens started searching the names of the heroines who went to the US in the recent past in the name of trips or events.  In the social media generation, whenever a heroine goes to a vacation or a foreign visit she posts the pics on the social media so the netizens are searching for those heroines.  But this is nothing but pure speculation.  Not every heroine who visited can become Victim A.  It is not right to blame somebody just because they traveled to the US




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