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Whats The Game Plan Of Pawan Kalyan

Time and again, Janasena President Pawan Kalyan has consistently gone back on his words many times, including the latest coming back to movies. After he firmly told people that films are over in his career, he claimed that the need for funds has forced him to take up movies again.

Pawan has clearly confirmed in a couple of messages that he is actually doing films because he needs money to run the party. But if we look at the three films he is doing now, he will hardly get 50 crores from each movie and could make 150 crores in 2020. And before 2024 election, even if he wraps three movies a year, he could do 9 more movies than the present three and could make another 450 crores in case if his market is intact without flops hitting him hard.

In that case, Pawan will get 600 crores in his pocket which will not be seriously enough to run the party. If we look at few constituencies in 2019 elections, the talk is that they have spent nearly 100 crores just to win an assembly (as MLA). On that note, can Janasena manage to mobilise people, get votes and win in all of AP's constituencies with this Pawan's remuneration?

One wonders what is the gameplan of Pawan to make sure that the films he is doing them will fuel Janasena party's affairs.




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