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What Happened To Chirus Judgement

Megastar Chiranjeevi is one actor who could judge the film at its story stage only. None other than Rajamouli also acknowledged it during the audio release of "Vijetha" movie through which mega son-in-law Kalyaan Dhev made his debut as an actor.

After watching Vijetha, directed by aspiring filmmaker Rakesh Shashi, one feels that there is nothing new in this story except few moments during the climax. While such stories are tried and tested in Tollywood for a long time, at least a new screenplay would have helped the movie get favorable reviews. 

And the moot question is, what made Chiranjeevi say yes to this routine story? Even mega fans who have watched the film are of the feeling if the Megastar has really heard the story and passed his judgment. But it comes to this, as the star would have felt that the young director will turn the project like a Rangasthalam.

When Chiru heard Rangasthalam story, he felt it's a simple one, but Sukumar turned it into a classic with his screenplay and making style. Had Vijetha received similar touch, even this film would have scored well. The young director, however, failed to impart such freshness.




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