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What Are Conditions Apply After April 14th

The lockdown due to Corona virus is scheduled to end on April 14th. Will the Centre lift the lockdown or continue to with it as the Corona positive cases are rapidly increasing in the country is still to be known clearly. Though the union cabinet secretary had stated the Centre has no such plans of extending the lockdown, the uncertainty is still there.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi who had held a video conference with all the Chief Ministers of the states, did not discuss about the lockdown. PM Modi is in opinion of taking a decision on that very day depending upon the situation of Corona virus in the country. From the sources, we hear that the lockdown might not be prolonged.

However, with the lockdown most likely to be lifted, the respective state governments are in thoughts of imposing as many restrictions as possible to refrain people from gathering large number and here are some limitations that are in consideration.

1. Railways will suspend all the passenger trains till April 30th and only high priority services are likely to be operational.

2. The bus services would be functional in phase wise manner.

3. The restrictions on supermarkets, small time businesses to be eased.

4. The big shopping malls and cinema theatres may operational and are likely to be given time slot to function.

5. The domestic flight services might resume. However, the ban on international flights would continue until further notice.

6. The Central and state government financial resources such as bars and liquor shops would be given conditional permits to operate.

These are the top highlights that the states are looking at. Due to the lockdown, all the states have been severely hit financially and in order to make inflow of resources, the government has no other option to lift the lockdown




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