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West Bengal:On Suspicion Of Witchcraft 60-year-old Woman Beaten To Death.

Local youths from the Jalpaiguri district of West Bengal murdered a 60-year-old woman on suspicion of practising witchcraft. As per a PTI news article, the woman was beaten to death by alleged black magic rods and sticks. Two other women were wounded because they had been thrashed as well, said an official. PTI quoted police as saying that some people from Mainakhola village in Nagarkata recently died due to illness and the locals claimed they were killed because of witchcraft. On suspicion of practising black magic, some local youths began thrashing the two women, they said. These women then pointed them to Mongra Oraon, the victim. She was pulled from her home and thrashed, police said with rods and sticks.

After receiving information about the incident, a police team reached the site, but Oraon died on the spot, PTI quoted officials as saying. The other two women at Mal Hospital are receiving therapy. Seven people have been arrested and an investigation is ongoing in connection with the incident, police said.


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