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Vishal Team As Best Anti Piracy Team

Tamil young hero Vishal along with his anti-piracy team has received an invitation from the Central Government of India to discuss the technical drawbacks and assuring the team maximum support from the central government to kill piracy. Being the secretary of ‘Nadigar Sangham’ and the President of Tamil Film Producers Council, Vishal has been the centre of many of the proceedings in Kollywood as he was not only actively campaigning the fight against piracy but also was successful in registering cases against pirates and getting several miscreants arrested. It was a great honour and a proud moment from Vishal‘s team as his team is recognised as the best team in India with regard to the activities they took up against piracy. It’s a known thing that the piracy rate in Kollywood in relatively higher among the South Film Industries. Right from the time, Vishal was elected for the above-said posts, he has been like a soldier waging war to curb piracy.





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