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Vinayak Have No Clarity About What He Has To Take Up Next

After the huge debacle of Inttelligent, director VV Vinayak is totally distraught as he has no proper script to work on. In fact, he has no clarity about what he has to take up next.

However, his big plan includes doing a film with Balakrishna. Even Balayya has clarity and has said yes to Vinayak if he bring along a suitable story for a big film. But that is the biggest problem of Vinayak now.

Barring Akula Siva's stories, it is very hard to get a story past Balakrishna. Though he had narrated many scripts during the making of Inttelligent, none of them got okayed. And the problem continues for Vinayak.

This apart, there is talk that once he completes the biopic of his father NTR, Balakrishna will get on to Boyapati's film directly. Boyapati has also made it clear that after his present film, he will move on to Balayya's film.

So, by Sankranthi both Balayya and Boyapati will become free and they can get on to their new film next.

Now that leaves out Vinayak. Even if he gets a script okayed, then it will happen only in the second half of next year.

Till then, even if he wants to, there are no heroes who are willing to work with him




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