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Vikrams 23 Surgeries In Four Years

Chiyaan Vikram is known for his versatile performances donning different genre roles. He doesn't act but instead lives in the role with effortless ease. People cannot forget his performances in films like Sivaputrudu, Aparichitudu etc. He is now getting ready to entertain movie lovers with his upcoming entertainer Mister KK.

Speaking to scribes, Vikram shared many startling revelations about his journey. He said, "During my college days, I was going on a friend's bike. A truck collided with us. I fell unconscious while my friend fell on the other side. When I gained conscious, I was in the hospital. My left leg was badly injured and doctors suggested to amputate it. My mother did not agree for it. She took me to another hospital and got treatment. Doctors performed 23 surgeries in four years. I couldn't tolerate it and felt that my dream of becoming an actor will not become a reality. However my self confidence and my mother's love took me forward."

Vikram continued saying, “Parents named me Kennedy. But I did not like it. I decided to change my name. I have taken VI from my Father's name, K from my name and RA from my mother's name and changed it to Vikram."

It is known that, Vikram’s son Dhruv is making debut with Adithya Varma which is remake of Telugu hit Arjun Reddy.




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