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Vijay Silence Raises A Lot Of Doubts

Rowdy hero Vijay Devarakonda is considered as a superstar among the young generation. He reportedly earns nearly 10 crores from a film and is making his debut in Bollywood to get pan Indian image. He is working with a star director like Puri Jagannadh for 'Fighter'. Vijay is super active on social media and posts every single update but he went completely silent over the ongoing Corona pandemic.

Every hero is coming forward and donating lakhs and crores of rupees but there is no news about Vijay whatsoever and nobody knows the reason why. His hyperactive PR team who comes up with innovative tactics to maintain his craze is awfully silent over this issue.

While some of his supports claim that he is planning something big and will be announcing it soon. They say that Vijay always came forward to help people and he will be doing the same this time too. On the flip side, people are curious to know why Vijay Devarakonda is taking such a long time to respond over this issue.   




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