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Vexed With Pawan Fan Renu Threatens To Reveal Shocking Facts Of Her Divorce

Ever since she first came out in the open about her divorce with Pawan Kalyan a few years ago, Renu Desai has been subjected to constant criticism and abusing from a section of fanatics who claim to be 'devotees' of Pawan Kalyan.

But Renu never bad-mouthed Pawan and said on several occasions that their divorce happened in an amicable way and that she doesn't nurture and grudge against Pawan for ditching her and her children and marrying Russian national Anna Lezhneva.

But it looks like Renu has only been concealing some shocking facts about her divorce all these years. At least, her latest reply to a Pawan fan on Instagram says so. Even after quitting Twitter citing too much negativity, Renu Desai is not spared by the mindless Pawan fans on Instagram as they continue to taunt her about her recent engagement.

Frustrated renu warns pawan fan


Vexed with a Pawan fan who was abusing her over her recent engagement, Renu has made a shocking revelation. "Thank me forever as Kalyan garu's fans for keeping silent on divorce all these years. If I open my mouth and state facts of my divorce all this stupid arrogance and rudeness will go down the drain," threatened Renu.

Needless to say, Renu's latest revelation has come across as a huge shocker even to Pawan fans. The big question now is – will Renu Desai really open up and reveal all the shocking facts about her divorce? It will cook up a huge storm for sure.




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